Rhonda and Jason

Rhonda and Jason
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012



2   [stey-buhl]  Show IPA
adjective, sta·bler, sta·blest.
not likely to fall or give way, as a structure, support,foundation, etc.; firm; steady.
able or likely to continue or last; firmly established;enduring or permanent: a stable government.
resistant to sudden change or deterioration: A stableeconomy is the aim of every government.
steadfast; not wavering or changeable, as in character orpurpose; dependable.
not subject to emotional instability or illness; sane;mentally sound.

STABLE.  A word I am very fond of lately.  It is almost like a song when spoken by doctors and nurses.
This morning; stable was the word from our "team" of medical staff.  Esther has been quite restless periodically.  During those times her movement does interfere with the ECMO, and they have had to increase sedating medications.  While it is amazing to see her beautiful eyes shining up at me, I can handle her peaceful face as she holds my finger and suckles the breathing tube.  
She was about a liter up on fluid yesterday.  One of the doctors commented that would be like one of us having an additional 20liters (10 2L bottles) of fluid in us.  They have been medicating her with Lasix to pull off the additional fluid and allow her body and the ECMO to operate more efficiently.
This is great!  For these past 3 1/2 days she has looked like a badly beaten UFC fighter.  Eyes swollen shut, fluid pooling around her head, stay puff marshmallow arms and legs and a tight shiny chest.  This morning her face is defined like at birth, no pain, no discomfort, just peaceful.  I know I'm her Papa and prejudice, but she is the absolute definition of beauty and grace.
Great report yesterday afternoon as well.  The head/brain ultrasound is stable and unchanged.
More of the same today; rest, recovery, healing and growth. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!
Prayer is comfort, reassurance, and affirmation.  God is not just near but in, about and surrounding us.  Thank you all for your continued prayerful support and encouragement.  God is Great!


  1. Such wonderful news! You're correct, Papa - she is the definition of beauty and grace. My prayers for all of you will continue!

  2. Your words along your journey have been eloquent and profound! Filled with Hope and Faith...We will be Praying for you all! ;)

  3. Praise for holding stable!! Continued prayers for your family.


  4. This is such great news thus far. I am continuing to pray for you all.

  5. I've been praying furvently for you all- and this little girl has weighed on my heart! May God continue to blanket you and your little family in Grace, healing, resilience and hope! And, she is beautiful! :)

  6. Baby Esther is in our "special needs" prayers every night, as is your entire family. Praise God for working miracles through her! We will keep praying her (and all of you) through!

  7. I'm praying for baby Esther, and all those who love her. She is beautiful!

  8. Such wonderful news. Brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Praise God!

    Brenda Thomas

  9. We all "Praise Our Lord" for the Wonderful Day April 12, 2012" Esther Frances Holtrop" was born. She is a "Blessing" to all of Us!!Esther is born from a family of strength!!Our Lord will see her through these difficult moments!!