Rhonda and Jason

Rhonda and Jason
Our Wedding Day

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pictures of Esther first 5 days of life

Esther fighting for her life.  A doctor told Jason " come over here and talk to her.  She will recognize your voice. " What a sweet moment between papa and Esther.

Day 1 almost complete.  Dad taking Esther temperature for the first time.

Momma changing Esther diaper for the first time.

Day 1 almost complete.  We spent the day praying and crying out to the Lord to save our little girl.  Her heart had stopped earlier in the day and she had doctors confused as to what was going on with her.  She also was hooked up to the ECMO machine earlier in the day.

Day 2 with Esther.  She was sensitive to light and very swollen with fluid from the ECMO machine.

Esther wet through everything.  It takes three nurses to move her to just change her bedding and diaper.  She doesn't know what is going on here.

Now Esther is mad.  She is in pain and wants to be put down.

Esther with her new bow the nurse made for her.  Of course holding tight to Papa's hand.

Pondering the origins of the world

We love the moments we get to see her with her eyes opening!!!!


  1. Thank you Rhonda and Jason for sharing these pictures with us. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I am certain you both are soaking in every moment you are spending with her!! We are continuing to lift you ALL up in prayer before our heavenly Father, who loves Esther so much more than any of us here on earth could even begin to love her. I pray that you continue to rest in His love, His care, and His strength!

    jennifer ditommaso

  2. Thank you for sharing. Her holding Jason's finger is so precious and reminds me of our time in the NICU as that was Liana and her daddy's thing. She is SO SO beautiful. I hope some day that we can make it back to the West Coast and our family can meet our little cousin. I know that she is being prayed for around the clock from this coast to that one. You are all very blessed to have such a fighter on your hands. I know you are but cherish those moments of getting to care for her in the NICU even if it something small as these moments will truly last in your memory forever. I know ther isn't much I can do from 3,000 miles away and that you have support all around you but if you need anything we are here. Family is family no matter how far apart. Love you guys and stay strong in Him.

  3. Thank you for sharing those pictures. It is so good to see Mama and Papa in the pictures as well! So good to see that the two of you are alright as well. Praying for continued peace and strength for you and the guarding of Esther's spirit, healing of her body, and giving her peace amidst all this chaos at the beginning of her little life. Praise God for His presence with the two of you, and filling that room invisibly, yet so tangibly amidst all that technical equipment. Amazing God!!!!! So thankful that He is yours!!!!

  4. Love love these!! I adore her pink hairbow :-)
    Stay strong, keep fighting sweet baby!! Many hugs and prayers from Atlanta!

  5. Hi Rhonda I was telling my mom about baby Esther. We got to talking how I was 2 months early and only 2 lbs. She said girls are fighters!!!! I just wanted to remind you of that. She is so precious and beautiful. I love her pink bow:) Your in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs! Jenn B

  6. Loved seeing all these pictures of sweet beautiful Esther. They bring tears to my eyes, tears of joy that she is here and is so beautiful and precious and that she is fighting and the Lord is sustaining her. And tears of heartache to see her little body hooked up to so many machines. We are constantly praying for her and for you guys as well. You are never out of our prayers.

    Love the tenderness, pride and love that are on both of your faces as you look at your daughter.

    Much love.


  7. I'm so glad your little girl is doing well. It must be very hard to see her looking so uncomfortable - such a sweet little baby. Your story has touched many people. Like many others I worry and pray for her. Very best wishes to you both.

  8. Thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful little girl - we're continuing to pray for the three of you - the Lord bless you guys.

  9. I can't imagine the strength that God is providing you and your family during this time..What a gift straight from God. May He receive all the glory and your little angel be restored to health.