Rhonda and Jason

Rhonda and Jason
Our Wedding Day

Sunday, April 15, 2012

3:32 Sunday, April 15th and another day of life!

Rhonda finally slept last night.  Working to let go of the anxiety and allow the medical team to do their work.  Falling asleep is one of the hardest times as Rhonda and I have our minds fill with the dreadful moments and even the beauty of our child when we close our eyes.  Fearful of losing her, anxious about missing a moment, longing for what might be.
As for Esther, no news is good news!  She is doing well on ECMO and the planned course is to check brain ultrasounds daily for possible growth of her brain bleed.  It has grown slightly each day, but ultrasound is imperfect and dependent upon the technique of each tech.  That said, the doctors have not made mention of any concern with how we are progressing and plan to keep Esther on ECMO for two weeks before talking about surgery.  This time will allow her lungs, heart and fragile little body to rest, heal and recover.
I know many have commented on how strong Rhonda and mine's faith is.  All I can say is He is the provider.  It is not our faith, but God's grace.
So we have no choice but to trust in the Lord.  And why shouldn't we, as he has answered when we called and never left our side, carrying us through the storm.
We are likely in the eye of the storm now.  The sun is shining, the wind, thunder and hail have ceased.  We pray the storm dissipates before the opposite side of the eye wall bears down on us.
Rhonda has a few devotional books that she likes to read and shared this message today:

Rest on the Word of God
      "I trust in thy word" (Ps. 119:42).
      Just in proportion in which we believe that God will do just what He has said, is our faith strong or weak. Faith has nothing to do with feelings, or with impressions, with improbabilities, or with outward appearances. If we desire to couple them with faith, then we are no longer resting on the Word of God because faith needs nothing of the kind. Faith rests on the naked Word of God. When we take Him at His Word, the heart is at peace.
      God delights to exercise faith, first for blessing in our own souls, then for blessing in the Church at large, and also for those without. But this exercise we shrink from instead of welcoming. When trials come, we should say: "My Heavenly Father puts this cup of trial into my hands, that I may have something sweet afterwards."
      Trials are the food of faith. Oh, let us leave ourselves in the hands of our Heavenly Father! It is the joy of His heart to do good to all His children.
      But trials and difficulties are not the only means by which faith is exercised and thereby increased. There is the reading of the Scriptures, that we may by them acquaint ourselves with God as He has revealed Himself in His Word.
      Are you able to say, from the acquaintance you have made with God, that He is a lovely Being? If not, let me affectionately entreat you to ask God to bring you to this, that you may admire His gentleness and kindness, that you may be able to say how good He is, and what a delight it is to the heart of God to do good to His children.
      Now the nearer we come to this in our inmost souls, the more ready we are to leave ourselves in His hands, satisfied with all His dealings with us. And when trial comes, we shall say:
      "I will wait and see what good God will do to me by it, assured He will do it." Thus we shall bear an honorable testimony before the world, and thus we shall strengthen the hands of others. --George Mueller.

Now isn't that appropriate?  
Please continue to pray, not only for us and Esther's health and well being, but for all those we don't even know in the world right this moment that don't have support, faith, facilities, and technology to gather from.  
Holy Father, I pray in Jesus name that you would send your Holy Spirit to the individuals and families in need throughout your creation today to comfort, strengthen, heal and protect them.


  1. Still praying for you guys! Hope you can get some more rest. Take care of yourselves so you can take care of that sweet little girl of yours. What a little fighter! Glad to hear she had a quiet day.

  2. I have been praying for Esther each day. Your strength and faith in the Lord is very inspiring.

  3. LOVE Streams in the desert!! It was given to me while Finley was in the NICU. Praising God for all the answered prayers so far and continuing to petition for Esther to continue to get stronger, come off ECMO, and be healed fully. She is amazing and our GOD is amazing!!

    Sending love and prayers,

  4. Annette Kraft has shared your story and I am touched that I am being included in this circle. I will continue to pray for Esther and the two of you. My God continue to strengthen all of you as you progress through this trial.


  5. We will not cease praying with you, for you. The Lord continue to bless you three.

  6. I don't know you guys, but I have my own little Esther,(now 8) and have had three babies in the NICU battling for their lives at different times. So these pictures pierce my heart to the core and I weep every time I read your blog updates. Know that our whole family is pounding on heaven's door that God's good and perfect will would be for your sweet Esther to live, and that many would come to trust Him through your faithful testimonies in this trial. God bless you both. - Liz Kirkman

  7. I don't know where my comment went but I love your faith and the name Esther .. She was a bold selfless woman of the Lord. Your little one already appears to have those traits. You have poured your faith and love for the Lord into her through your prayers and she has heard them in your womb. I will pray without ceasing for your precious baby. Love, Gweny