Rhonda and Jason

Rhonda and Jason
Our Wedding Day

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A little bit about us

Jason and I met in September of 2009 and got married September of 2010 one year and one day after our first date.  We had both been waiting so much of our life to meet the right one.  I became a Christian my freshmen year in high school, and have never wanted to settle or compromise the best of what God wanted for me.  I stayed single for years hoping and praying for God to bring the right one into my life.  Finally he came in the most unexpected way.  My mom called me one day saying that she had found someone at her work that she wanted to set me up with.  First of all, my mom and I aren't super close.  So the idea of her setting me up with someone who she thought would be perfect for me made me super nervous.  Second of all, my mom is a charge nurse and Jason works with her.  I didn't, and still don't know of too many male nurses.  So that made it hard for me to imagine what sort of a guy he might be.  I decided to meet this guy a few days later.  I brought my mom a coffee acting like that was all I was there for.   My mom paged Jason to tell him she had a question for him.  Jason showed up soon after and I immediately thought "no way.  Not my type.  He looks to old and he just didn't look that "outdoorsy" to me."  I shook his hand as my mom introduced us and thought in my head, "seriously God?  When am I going to find this guy I have been saving myself for and waiting my whole life for."  I did not discuss meeting Jason with my mom in hopes that she would somehow be able to tell I wasn't into him.  That did not work.  My mom called 2 days later letting me know she gave him my number and he would be calling in a few days.   To make a long story short, he asked me on a date the following week and we hit it off right away.  He was more than outdoorsy,  I couldn't believe how easy it was to be with him.   I felt like we had been friends forever.  I knew that first day, he was the one I was to marry and God had picked him for me.  However, it took me a few months to believe that this really was the one.  I wasn't attracted to Jason right away and was terrified to give him any piece of my heart unless I was sure I was going to be in love with him the rest of my life.  Around Christmas time I fell head over heals for him and God assured me he was the one.  I loved his heart and devotion to the Lord.  I loved how patient and laid back he was.  I loved hearing how he changed his life completely over to the Lord when his brother had died in a tragic accident and how he knew that his new direction in life was to be a nurse and that was completely for the Lord.  He loves people and has more patience and grace for them then I can ever imagine.  Jason never talks bad about other people and devotes his life to the Lord.  In the fall of that year Jason said he wanted to run our first Marathon together.  I laughed at him thinking- "yeah right, he has never even ran a race before."  Well sure enough we signed up for that race and ran it with some of my friends.  After our longest run we had ever done up to that point he proposed to me at Boulevard park as the sun was setting.  I couldn't believe it.  It was perfect timing and I was ready to spend the rest of my life with the one God totally had in store for me.  We married September of 2010 and decided we needed to get on the baby making band wagon because we were up there in age - me 30 and Jason 37.   But I needed to get one more marathon under my belt.  We trained hard and ran the 2nd Marathon and most likely the last (we felt it was time to retire the hurt body after this one) in May of 2011.  Now it was onto baby making business.  I didn't know if it was going to be hard or easy but I knew my family had never had problems having babies.  You see I come from a family of 5 girls and you got that right two sets of twins.  My oldest sister Julie lives in Wenatchee and is 7 yrs older than me.  My other two sisters who are twins live in Ferndale and Lynden and are 5 yrs older than me and are identical twin sisters.   Lastly there is me and my twin sister Rachel.  She lives in Philadelphia and we are completely fraternal twins and look nothing alike.  Having kids was no problem in my mom and dads families.  On Jason's side of the family he has one brother and they tried twice in the last few years and she lost both of the babies early.

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